A Different Perspective

This testimonial comes from a less common perspective; Heather was the selling agent for the house we bought. To go into a little more detail, the house needed a few small repairs and the owner had already moved out of state. Heather was instrumental in having the repairs completed and allowing us to close in just 22 days after the home came on the market! Due to how quickly things moved, we did not always have time to contact our agent to get in touch with Heather, get back to us, and stay within banker’s hours. So, unsurprisingly, I spent more time directly communicating with Heather. She was always on top of things and able to answer all our question with an honest, professional and very timely manner. Heather never strayed from being the selling agent but was always friendly, helpful and ethical. I have found this balance to be an area where other agents struggle, yet is strength of Heather’s. I have not hesitated to recommend Heather to friends looking to buy and sell. I feel she really knows the ins and outs of real estate, the local markets and how to price and market a home.

— Luke and Suzie, Acton